Meet the souls that were Empowered.

Kyle T.

I’m from Eagle Pass, Texas and I knew I had to make a drastic change because my partying had gotten out of control. I decided to come here to find a way out before I ended up in jail or worse.  When I got here, the staff was very nice and treated me with respect. I have learned a lot at Empower Recovery Center. I now have coping skills, sober friends, and a staff that really cared about their clients. We have become a small family and I now have people in my life I can trust and rely on. I am forever grateful for everything I learned here. I made the right choice by coming to Empower Recovery Center. Thank you to the staff, ownership, and my new family for everything. 

Melanie A.

I arrived not knowing what to expect, I entered with an open mind and willingness to take whatever steps it took to guide my recovery. Upon entering, I knew this facility was different from the facilities I had attended before. I immediately felt a connection with the staff and knew I was safe. I have grown spiritually and have found strength in the 12 steps and my recovery. All aspects of this program bring hope, unconditional love, connection, and honesty. Here I have a home like I’ve never had before. The caring staff make it a priority to keep us focused on recovery, mental stability, and safety in a comfortable setting. Because of the compassion, I have received here I have chosen to relocate permanently and become a part of this community, hoping to assist and see others flourish the way that I have. Welcome home.